Spring Must F-runs

imageIt’s quite likely you’ve already got it all worked out – where you’re heading and what you’re doing – this Spring, but on the off-chance that you don’t and need some direction, you’re welcome to come FRUN with me as I get all adventurous with my running and attempt to go places – no man has gone before – by no man, I of course mean me.

A bit of research and I’ve come up with a few exciting and challenging F-running experiences:

.5th Trail Nut experience 10k and Half Marathon; Bedford, Virginia – May 5
.The North Face Endurance Challenge; Bear Mountain State Park, New York – May 4
.Open trail hiking and running; Mount Beacon, Beacon, New York
.Savage (Obstacle) Race, Pennsylvania – June 28
.Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon; Loudon County, Virginia – May 31
.Pittsburgh Marathon; Pennsylvania – May 4
.The Color Run; Brooklyn, New York – July 5
.BMO Vancouver Marathon; Vancouver, Canada – May 5
.Concern Spring Run; Central Park, New York – April 12
.Open trail running; Appalachian Trail, Springer Mountain, Georgia, to Mount Kathadin, Maine (access route: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania )

This list is by no means exhaustive as there are so many options out there. However, these are my pick of what I believe to be meaningful – in terms of – scenically rewarding, cause-worthy, challenging and just plain ole’ fun. If I’m able to do just a few, that’ll be pretty awesome.

Spring runs rock!

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