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If I had to describe myself using my favorite letters of the alphabet I’d have to start with A and get totally cliché on you and say I’m pretty amazing! LOL. But in the next breath I’d say it took quite a while for me to get to a place where I believe that.  Seriously though, I’m a typical country-at-heart, Caribbean type of gal, trying to make my mark on this big world.  My secret to doing this is pretty simple, and now no longer a secret, one Quick-Step-At-A-Time. Sometimes those steps are small ones and of course there are the leap days, but they all pretty much start off the same place; as baby ones.

I’m a Marathoner, fitness enthusiast and some-what of a dare-devil and I adore the outdoors.   I’m not too sure if one is born that way, but from as far back as I can recall.. say 6 yrs, you had only to tell me I couldn’t do something and I would make it my personal mission to show you otherwise.  I cannot promise I have changed much in that regard; I’m always game for an adventure and particularly enjoy those that involve running, hiking, camping and exercise.  On the other hand, I enjoy more sedentary-type activity as well, such as: Plants and Gardening, Reading, Poetry, Writing, Art, Music and Trivia.  I like to think and often say, that the former is food for the body while the latter feeds the soul.

My other loves: God, People, Family, Friends, Babies, Books, Big Dogs, Mission Work, Country Music, Nature, Sunshine, Sunsets, Beaches and Flowers for now. I’m still growing! really..really happy face


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