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My running affair expands over breakups, no heartaches, minimal injuries, some pain but mostly unadulterated and sustained passion that has its roots in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago (my home country). In the islands we have a love of sports, particularly Track and Field, Football aka Soccer and Cricket as played in England, Australia, India, South Africa and other countries of the world. Trinbagonians, like other islanders, are very athletically inclined and so from very early on we strongly advocate outdoor sporting activity. It helped that I was as skinny as heck, that I loved the outdoors and was as competitive as they come. Today, I’m just as skinny, even more enamored of nature and, well… let’s just say my competitive spirit is a bit more controlled. What has changed though, is my commitment to health and wellness; this I strongly urge through the avenue of lifestyle choices in the areas of healthy eating and exercise.

Funny thing is, though I’ve sort of always ran; beginning with a small amount of track in school, 5ks, 10ks, a dozen half marathons, some 15ks and a few longer runs, I only started racing for my own enjoyment (covertly competitive) about 8 yrs ago and completed my first marathon in 2014. I’m very pleased that this “bucket-list” event is now crossed out and I can now move on to greater running moments, New York City Marathon checked. As a result, I’ve updated my running dreams to include the World Marathon Majors which is a series of six major marathons including New York, Chicago, and Boston, which I’ve all done multiple times now. Three more to go! It’s been a while coming as I await things to come together for the rest of these races to happen. No matter, I’m confident I will get there.

Five years and sixteen marathons later, the hardest part is over – the mental challenge of running your first marathon. Most racing days running is hard work. It’s sweat and blood, thank God, but mentally and physically demanding. Then there are the days you run just because – these are the best days. But most days you have to dig deep down into yourself and find the reason and strength that got you here in the first place. Self motivation and a commiment to personal development, along with a strong desire for excellent health, is what keeps me going more days than not.

All that’s left really is to strap on those running shoes and hit the road. Minor hurdles crossed, you’re A Runner!

My hope is that this blog will inspire you to find your form of exercise, your happy place, because healthy=happy, if it’s running..good for you! If not, then at least you’ll be gainfully exercised and healthily aware, and at the end of the day that’s all that really taking care of the body that God has blessed you with.


Most of the pics used in my writings are taken from the internet, most I credit, others I don’t, while some are mine. Any queries or concern for payment for copyright images, please contact me and I’ll be happy to settle.

Happy Healthy You!

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