Welcome to my thoughts, my songs, my prayers, my words. Happy to share with the world!


I tell myself

If it changes me for the better

It must be good

If it pushes me beyond my boundaries

That can be good

If it causes me to question what I believe

This is good



Green, yellow, purple
Colors unimaginable
Spurting and splashing
You dance your way in
Proof all at once
That we’ve been given a chance
To laugh, to sing, to dance
To live like never before
Gone, gone winter days
You are no more


Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

Perspective is everything; Change your attitude, change your life.


Winter Days

I think about the cold, the clothes, the snow

The absence of warmth wherever I go

But  I feel a freshness here,

Something pristine and clear

It beckons me..invites me in

Draws me near

I waver and wonder

Torn between the magic of sparkling lights

And the bleak bitterness of wintry nights


Sweet Dreams ( A poem)

I dream…

Of the dawn of sunrise

Wrapped in quiet splendor

Dewy crystal skies

The comforting wonder

Of your breath of silence

Gentle and cascading

Washing over me

Filling me

Emptying me of myself

Supplanting, expanding,

Renewing, refreshing

My dream…

I dream…

Of midday sunshine

Gloriously bright

A ray of hope, a sliver of light

That moment in time

 I laugh, dance, sing

It is mine

To do what I will

The rush of the breeze

The flutter of leaves

Time suspended

All notions upended

My dream…

I dream…

Of darkness and fireflies

Of the gentle wind

And starry skies

A full moon

Smiling in glee

Venus and Mars

As close as can be

Of the blanket of night

Warm and snugly

Holding me tight

Effortlessly, Unreservedly

Quiet and peacefully

I dream.

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