Got Chocolate Milk?

imageWithin recent years Chocolate Milk has been getting rave reviews as a recovery drink post exercise. I’ve even benefitted to the tune of a few packs after some of my races and I must say the hype is all good.. I recovered faster and loved it. Of course it helped that I love chocolate milk..faster recovery is so a bonus.

It really works! Here’s why:

Researchers have found that Fat-free chocolate milk beat out carbohydrate sports drinks at helping to rebuild and refuel muscles after exercise. This is according to a study done on runners (June 4, 2010). The combination of carbohydrates and protein in low-fat chocolate milk appears to be “just right” for refueling weary muscles, says William Lunn, PhD, an exercise scientist at the University of Connecticut.

No longer a dessert item, or in my case, a good morning drink, it’s considered very healthy, especially for endurance athletes says Dr. Lunn. I have two words: Thanks! Yumm!


Healthy Snacking

We all have sudden urges, the days we want to splurge just because: we’re angry, hurt, depressed, anxious, jubilant, excited… so many emotions define us and there are so many ways we can express them.  Sadly, many of us choose food; binging our way to a state of confusion where we are left wondering, what the heck happened.  Precisely because it provides a sense of comfort at difficult times, which we can all relate to, it would help if we attempt to surround ourselves with healthy comfort foods that will provide the necessary comfort, while leaving us none of the guilt associated with junk food.

Here are a few items and ingredients to add to your shopping list.

image. Low-fat Greek yogurt; served with cranberries, almonds, sunflower seeds & granola topped with blueberries..yum . Home-made Trail mix; you can make your own or buy but a mix of cranberries, raisins, cashews, peanuts, granola, almonds, pistachio and pecans or any combination (no salt)..always good . Home-made fruit salad; your combination of your favorite fruits such as strawberries, pineapple, watermelon, grapes, kiwi etc. . Juice it up with your version of your favorite smoothies made to taste with any combination of your favorite fruits or veggies, include granola with low-fat yogurt & milk..umm delicious . Sourdough whole wheat/ whole grain crackers with hummus,peanut butter (no hydrogenated oils) or almond butter . Nabisco 100% whole grain fig newtons . Apples and/or Carrots with hummus is also yummy . Home-made Banana Bread or Sweetbread; whole grain flour and brown sugar with yr recipe to taste which may include oats, flax seeds, wheat germ  among other whole grains .Fiber-One bars

This list is not exhaustive and with so many options out there, armed with the knowledge, snacking and you just got a whole lot healthier!


We love to Eat: Breakfast.

You know that meal they talk about as being the most important meal of the day..the one that sets the stage for your day; powers you up, satisfies you and puts you in groove.. it’s kind of important that you pay it some mind and give it your time.  Here are some delicious ideas to help you out.

  1. Oatmeal; contains beta-glucan, a type of fiber that’s been shown to help lower cholesterol when eaten regularly and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, folate, and potassium.
  2. Greek Yogurt; loaded with calcium and protein, a non-fat variety coupled with fruit and you’re good to go.
  3. Wheat germ; has much-needed vitamin E and folate a daily necessity.
  4. Grapefruit; just half is all you need. Known for its fat-burning properties and beneficial effect on blood sugar and insulin levels, it is also hydrating, filling, and packed with immunity-boosting antioxidants.
  5. Bananas; my absolute favorite. Packed with potassium it’s great to add to your cereals and yogurt and due to its sweetness could act as a sugar substitute, which is always good.
  6. Eggs; we often say no to the yolk..yellow part..due to high cholesterol content but research shown that if your diet is low in fat and cholesterol then eggs are a great addition. In all things apply wisdom.
  7. Almond Butter; An excellent alternate source of protein if you’re not into eggs or dairy.  Plus it’s so yummy!
  8. Watermelon; excellent hydrating fruit and a great source of lycopene- nutrient important to a healthy heart, good vision and cancer prevention.
  9. Flaxseed; packed with omega-3 fatty acids and awesome sprinkled in cereal and yogurt. Have it ground as it passes though your body sans digestion otherwise.
  10. Cereal; Whole-grain or bran cereals with at least 5 grams of fiber and less than 5 grams of sugar.

Thanks to, Your body’s gonna be thanking you all day! ps: pic courtesy

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