In Honor of National Running Day



What’s the fuss? Someone asks. I respond with the very cliché, ‘If you must ask, you won’t understand.’

National Running Day: a day where runners all over this great country share their bragging rights and love for running, or for the results of running.

Like any great occasion that impacts people the world over, and thus deserves a day of recognition, honor and celebration, running gives us runners the opportunity to live it out loud; to tell the world why we indulge in the pain, the sacrifice, the dedication, the insanity of a sport that many will call torture.

We beg to differ and think that running rocks!

Here are a few reasons why:

  • It builds community and individual spirit
  • It fosters a healthy lifestyle and overall good health
  • It encourages drive and purpose
  • It provides opportunities to positively affect the lives of others
  • It develops healthy attitudes and behaviors
  • It educates, informs and facilitates personal and social development
  • It negates the racial, political, cultural and social divide and brings people of every creed and race together with a common winning goal
  • It empowers our competitive spirit and inspires our ambitions

With all the good that running does for our nation and world community, there’s a lot that we, as individuals, get from it. Here are just a few reasons why we run:

For freedom, health, strength, beauty, peace, companionship, a PR, happiness, escape, meditation, solitude, direction, purpose, charity; For causes, for those who can’t, because we can, for satisfaction, achievement, inspiration, encouragement, for the love of running, for life and a million other reasons that space and time does not permit here.

For my part, it is my happy place and I go as often as I can. So, wherever you are today, be sure to holler or high-five another runner as we celebrate the only way we know how; running of course.

Happy National Running Day!

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