Gearing Up For Summer Runs


It’s been a long time coming… as the song goes..only some of us couldn’t help but wonder if it would ever get here. Summer is nigh! And I’m so overjoyed, you’d think I won the lottery. Well, all body parts are accounted for, I’m healthy and strong after surviving a brutal winter, running even, that’s a bit of a win as far as I’m concerned and enough reason to throw a party; a running party that is, since, runner that I am, there’s really only one way I know to celebrate. I figure anytime you combine running and wine at the finish, it’s officially party-time. So here’s looking forward to some awesome summer running. We will endeavor to stretch it out for as long as we can, humidity and hundred-degree-days notwithstanding.

Now that the right frame of mind has been achieved, let’s take a look at a few running events in store for us in these beautiful United States and around the world this summer:

1. Heart and Soul 10k and Half Marathon (Boulder, Colo) June 29
From the Boulder Reservoir to the heart of downtown , it’s a runner’s paradise on this dpectator-friendly course. Finishers enjoy a post-race block party.

2. Lake Tahoe Marathon (South Lake Tahoe, CA) Sept. 11-14
Options for racing include: marathon, double marathon, half marathon, 72 Ultra, 20 miler, 10k, relay or 5-mile kyack or swim.

3. Fifth Avenue Mile (New York, NY)  Sept. 13
A PR anyone? For speeders, like myself, this is a great opportunity to get in your fastest mile on record.

4. Big Five Marathon (Limpopo, South Africa) June 20                                                 Held among the wildlife of the the African savannah, it’s where marathon meets safari. Runners experience magnificent surroundings, exciting game drives and a challenging marathon route through the  the habitat of the most famous African game.

5. Lidingöloppet (Sweeden) Sept. 26-28
A bucket-list event maybe? The largest and longest cross-country race in the world hosts its 50th anniversary with its famous 30km and a few other race options.

6. San Francisco Marathon (San Francisco, CA) July 27
An opportunity for fantastic waterfront views and to run across the golden gate bridge. Who doesn’t crave some hilly terrain every now and again.

7. Summerfest Rock and Sole Series (Milwaukee, WI) June 14
Milwaukee Summerfest is the world’s largest live music festival over 11 days and 800 performers and its namkesake racing event hosts a marathon, quarter marsthon and 5k. Finishers join the after-party and get a free ticket to one day of the festival.

8. 2015 Endless Summer Trail Run Series ( Hyland Park Reserve – Bloomington, Minnesota) August 4                                       A fun and runnable 7 mile course mostly run on double-track grass and wood-chip trails with a few bills thrown in.

It’s all well and good to have information at our fingertips but it behooves us to not only take it in but to use it to our advantage. Enjoying a great summer of running means that we will have to actively engage the resources available to us. This will most likely mean setting forth a plan to do so, since life has a habit of happening and before we know it, it’ll be that time again. We don’t want that. We want to relive those memories and carry it through the cold months that will surely come.

A good and purposeful plan should include some of the most basic stuff like purchasing some new active summer wear, signing up for a few races – including some fun runs, hitting up a running meet-up to get some form and fitness in and eating and hydrating well. There’s nothing like new sexy shorts & racer backs & even a new hot running shoes to make you all excited about getting out and signing up for a few races. While we’re at it, let’s remember to get our music hook-up; a hot new mix on our running song list to inspire some bad-ass running. Another important hook-up is either a hydration belt or a funky water bottle..they so do funky. We have to be especially cognizant of the humidity and the potential for dehydration and a funky reminder works. Always keep it filled up and ready to go.

Also, summer running comes with the opportunity for forging friendships and hooking up in the best way in some really fun places. Who knows you might even get a goal or two in, hell even a bucket-list event. It’s all good. That’s the promise of summer along with some intense heat. Did I mention it’ll be hot? Hella hot but such a calorie burner.


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