Ready to Race? Here’s Your Checklist!


We’ve already determined that Spring cannot fly by without us getting out and trying some new things as it pertains to challenging ourselves and pushing our limits. Now, I’m well aware that might treat differently with each person as we all have different goals and have set differing limits on our person. While keeping that in mind, I’m still one for pre-preparing and over-setting and such, so just in case you decide to take that leap or run, you’ll be super ready.

When deciding to take a trip or set out on an adventure, I imagine there are a number of things you take into account before you make your final decision, and upon doing so, you make a checklist of sorts, itemizing your “must haves” to make sure you have a successful trip or rocking adventure. So too, in the running world. Race day requires a similar list, denoting the things you need to make sure you enjoy a successful race.
As to the reasons why this is necessary, well.. imagine that you’re ready to head to the starting line and you’ve discovered that you’ve left yr lucky shorts or God forbid, your running shoes that you’ve trained in all season, behind. Believe me this is not far-fetched, we’ve all done it; forgotten one thing or another, on that day, that we felt we really needed. The list forestall all of this and keeps you goal centered and focused on the race.

Race Checklist

– Race and Hotel Confirmation as well as travel documents such as passport & tickets where applicable
– Bib/ Number/ Timing Chip: this should be attached in the recommended position and properly filled out with emergency contact information included
– Extra Safety Pins and Pen
– Location and Directions to event: ample time should be allocated to get there whether driving or using public transportation. Also, allow for extra time for commuting emergencies such as traffic, train issues etc.
– Course and Area Maps
– Running Shoes and Gear: socks, shorts, t-shirt and/ or sports bra (ideally you should already be dressed but depending on commuting distance you may opt to dress at location)
– Sweats, Extra T-Shrirt and/ or Sweatshirt or Raincoat or disposable plastic: to keep you insulated from unpredictable weather and for post race
– Hat/ Visor
– Sunglasses
– Watch/ Timing Device
– Sunscreen, Lip Balm and Anti-Chafing cream or lotion eg. Vaseline
– Feminine products: you can never be too prepared
– Extra Cash/ Credit Card/ Subway Card
– Energy Bar/ Fruit/ Yogurt: you’ve already eaten breakfast so this is in case you need a little bite before (ideally eaten up to 1 hr prior) and for post race refueling
– Energy Gel Packs or Chewies
– Extra Water/ Energy Drink: this may most likely be provided but you need your “just in case”
– Cell Phone

Most race organizers advise that if and when allowed, your personal items should be encased in a clear plastic bag ( sometimes provided) to meet safety standards and regulations. You should allow additional time for checking in bags at event location if this is the case and make sure to walk with your stuff already bagged and clearly labeled to avoid gate hassle.

Happy Running!

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