I Run Because…

running happy

running happy

I had a fun and celebratory run in the park yesterday to commemorate National Running Day and ended up smack dab in the middle of  Chase Bank’s corporate challenge run, 15000 strong.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only runner with running on her mind; seeing so many other like-minded folks was pretty super and helped assuage my irritation of blocked paths, slow pace and  too much company. The weather was a tolerably humid 74 degrees; overcast with a slight breeze, which meant you wanted to be as close to naked as possible while going heavy on hydration.

While out there cheering the runners on, my mind got to thinking about why I run..why I constantly put my knees and ankles through the often brutal pounding of running..I’m well aware I’m not getting any younger and so there are gonna be a lot more aches and pains as time goes along.  As I reflected on this and my various runs, I sensed a commitment to the sport that has carried me through the years; a commitment to running first because I can..it’s my happy place, and secondly, for all those who can’t.  Sure there are many other underlying reasons such as: the medals, great physical form, traveling, meeting fantastic runners, the physical challenge and so on, but mainly it’s because I feel I’ve been given a gift and it’s up to me what I do with it.  The challenge lies in not getting so caught up in myself and my ability, that I lose sight of being able to use this platform to help others.

With that in mind, I’ve recently recommitted to cause-running as oppose to mainly races for my personal enjoyment and will be joining like-minded runners this summer to give all those who can’t a fighting chance. I’ve always found that when you identify a purpose for what you do.. whatever that is.. it begins to matter differently and adds meaning and value to the challenges you meet and the sacrifices that you will ultimately have to make.  So I’m challenging you to determine a reason for your running, print it on your mind, place it on your heart and share it with your friends, after all there are thousands of reasons to run.  It shouldn’t be difficult to find one and own it; let it become your running badge that defines your purpose for indulging in this craze that has exploded over the years.  You are not just another face out there, you have an important story to tell that will bless someone, never mind that you’ve chosen  an unorthodox method for telling it.

So what is it: health, friendships, a good cause, to de-stress, freedom, community, to stay fit, to explore, it’s cheap therapy, for fun, fitness etc… It can be funny, personal, inspiring, challenging, motivating, it’s yours to tell.




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