Good Running Form

imageThere are varying opinions on what is good running form for runners. Coaches, Runners and Experts sometimes vary in how they believe a runner can maximize his or her efficiency in running while increasing speed and remaining injury free.  However, most agree on the basic techniques that can help achieve the afore-mentioned goals.  The following video addresses these basic techniques: (1) Mid to fore-foot landing (2) No over-striding (3) Slight forward lean/ natural or chi running and (4) Stride rate. The owner of this video, Sage Canaday, is an experienced runner with a host of  accomplishments under his belt or, more appropriately, shoes and provides instruction and drills to aid in these areas and advises on some of the difficulties that a runner may encounter that could hinder his or her ability to perform at max.  Of course there is a lot of information out there as it pertains to this, but what I have found is that when wanting to know how to improve in any area or field, it is always wisest to get your information from a professional with hands-on experience.  This helped in choosing the video, which proved to be quite informative and instructional.

Happy watching & running!


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