Running Dreams: The TCS New York City Marathon

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Only those who dare to dream long enough and work hard enough will ever have a true shot at something grand enough to make believing worthwhile.

Last Sunday over 50,000 runners lived that dream at the TCS New York City Marathon. For some it was their first, while for others it may be their only or their last. Still, there are those who do this regularly, and for such as these, it never gets old. Regardless, I’m almost certain it was a defining moment for most, if not all, of them. I mean it was pretty defining with an American woman winning in the women’s category for the first time in forty years. Congratulations to Shalane Flannigan! For each runner though, their victory was just as important and valid. While many of us can talk a good talk, it takes so much more to run a marathon, half marathon or any endurance race that requires months of training. It takes grit, passion, determination, fortitude, sacrifice, and vision. No one gets up one day and decides to run a marathon tomorrow, it requires months of planning and preparation and all of this for one day, one race – a moment in time – and a medal, or so it seems.

In fact, many runners will dispute the notion of running for “just a medal.” For them, their sacrifices of time, effort, energy, pain etc., is worth the immeasurable feelings of pride, passion and purpose they experience every single time. Take all of that, times a hundred, and what you have is the resulting glory that is running and finishing the TCS New York City Marathon. It has the largest field size, the biggest spectator size, and the most volunteers compared to any other marathon around the world. And if that isn’t enough to entice your competitive and inspiring spirit, then the fact that it’s run as the most diverse and patriotic, yet inclusive, melting pot of humanity in the largest street party in one of the most renowned cities of the world ought to surely secure this momentous achievement high up on your bucket list.

The truth is while a lot of this sounds really grand, the average runner, the one who runs an average of 25-35 miles per week, is the one, forget the fanfare of running New York, who sees running a marathon or completing an endurance race as an opportunity to let the sport speak to their sense of determination, commitment, and tenacity. It’s a statement to anyone who’s listening that, ” Hey, I’m stronger, tougher and so much more able than you think!”

In a world gone crazy with all the violent acts being visited on citizens almost daily, we had that here in New York just days before the race, there is an indelible need to have an impact, to make our own positive mark and inspire others to do the same. In the face of evil, adversity and turmoil, nothing says “F you” like the communal spirit that is the marathon. And so crossing the finish line and getting that medal whether in New York, Bejing, London, or any other city, here in the United States or around the world, allows us to not only fulfill a dream, but it is our determined effort to face down life’s adversity and own the moment we deserve. Meanwhile, we get to wear the crown of our victory forever and will take all the bragging rights that goes along with it. #BADASSWARRIOR

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Reflections of a Runnerholic

image“Run out the old, ring in the new;” should be my chant as we stand on the threshold of the eve of 2014.  But I just don’t know, I mean, I’m looking forward to the new year and everything but there’s just something about 2013 that I’m not yet ready to give up and see gone.   The more I think about it, I realize that it’s my dreams, the goals that remain unrealized and cooped up in a corner of my mind – those that never found wings – that causes me pause and hinders my joy at the advent of the new year.

Let’s see, I accomplished my major running goal this year, which was to run the NYC Marathon, so what’s the big deal then? You may ask.  Well, these are the times it truly bothers me that I’m owner to a really over-active type A personality, cause there were a few other sub-goals attached to that big one, which didn’t quite make it.  Like my desire to qualify for the Boston Marathon 2015 via my time running New York, then there was my running New York in my goal time of 3:30 – those were two separate goals that just happened to share a time similarity – then there was qualifying for the NYC Half Marathon 2014 which didn’t happen either.


The truth is, it’s not that big of a deal nor is it all bad really.  I’m just indulging in a little drama as for sure I’m entitled since I ran my butt off this year and had a few disappointments, that were..well, disappointing.  But putting those aside, It’s been a rather good running year as there were more ups than downs; the injury that I sustained happened in the latter part of this year, which allowed for some really awesome running up till then. I pretty much ran all over New York for fun as well as training and races.  Thus, my mileage is probably pretty awesome and I didn’t even record the total covered. I really should next year.

So enough of the self-recriminations, no more indulging in feelings of consternation or that of regret. I am blessed. I am happy that I had the opportunity to accomplish some of my goals.  I am thankful for the new year. 2014 brings with it New Dreams, New Opportunities, New Blessings and New Races with the chance to Run Faster, Do Better and Dream Bigger. image

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