Character Traits of the Successful Runner


Cold and brutal weather brings about varying responses from many of us. In the northern parts of the United States, many people are very tolerant of this kind of weather and even enjoy it. Maybe it has to do with their having settled here by choice or their having acclimatized easy enough; whatever the reason, you will find arguments for and against running in the worst of winter and runners enough in support of layering, lacing up and braving the elements.

In my view, it says a lot about the character of one who is able to put aside discomfort, unpleasantness, disappointment, inconvenience – snow storm and minus temps anyone – and a lot of other obstacles that define the running life while continuing to steadfastly pursue a course of action that sure enough has its inherent dangers, but also holds the promise of sweet success. Such a runner, in my humble opinion, is above average and subscribes to a set of defining traits and/or qualities that places him or her far above the rest.
The successful runner must have:
  • Passion – a desire and drive for the Sport of running that inspires excitement and commitment for follow-through even when the going is rough.
  • Perseverance – the wherewithal to patiently stay the course: sticking to workout schedules and training plans to ensure the desired outcome.
  • Confidence – an innate belief in oneself and one’s ability and in one’s coach and/or training plan.
  • Determination/Tenacity – holding fast to one’s belief and running MO through a demonstrated willingness to overcome obstacles and hindrances seeing them only as temporary setbacks on the part to success.
  • Focus – the ability to keep one’s eye on the goal at all times.
  • Resilience – that unique ability to bounce back after disappointments keeping focus and form.

There’s nothing like winter weather to draw us out, in many cases sifting us only to find us wanting.. or human.. though often enough it will find those of us who embrace the challenge of winter weather, using it to vilify us and our dreams of being counted among those who belong to that exclusive club of successful runners.

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