Ready, Set, Breathe, Go!

I’m ready! I’m in the best frame of mind; calm,  have the right attitude; winning,  and a super-excited Spirit.  I’m eating well today, hydrating, resting up, lightly working out my ankle and plan on relaxing with some movies later on and then turning in early.I’ve done my checklist, got my stuff together and I’m ready!


I think I have a great plan: slow start for the first few miles, up the ante a bit from mile 8 thru 20 (medium-pace), power up the last 6.2. Gatorade stations are my best friends, I’m sipping at every station except at 4 mile intervals when I’ll have water & my power gels.  Also, I’m totally making use of the fruit stations at mile 20-23.   I’m all about breathing and taking it all in..the race of a lifetime with the most amazing views and awesome cheer crowd in the world.  I’m ready. New York City, here I come!!!

Preparing for the Marathon

IMG_2441So I’m in! What does that mean? What does it look like?

Honestly, it means a lot.  I dreamt about it sure, I’ve talked and thought about it but I never really thought I would be given the opportunity of running it.  Back in the day, I know I sound ancient, but back home in the islands, we’re bombarded by western media, fashion, culture even and so we think of the United States and it’s like.. that place, we love to hate.  Truth be told, you really want to visit but not to be seen as wanting to.  Anyway, to think that after all these years of having this dream of running the New York City Marathon on my peripheral mind, that I’m actually here, loving it and running it!!! Way cool!

On the other hand, running is no strut on the catwalk.  Competitive running , even some-what competitive (me) demands so much commitment and determination.  I call it, “the sport of the mind” because a lot of preparation begins there.  I’ve written my goal, I tell it to myself daily and even have alert reminders on my phone and running buddies to keep me focused.  It’s like having another job minus the monthly paycheck.  My reward will be 26.2 miles under my shoes come Nov 3 and my medal stating so!

Some idea of what my crazy starting schedule looks like : 5/7 days of running, avg of 50 miles p/wk, strength training 2/7 days, high-intensity cardio, yoga and toning classes 3/7 days p/wk.  I’m also considering joining a  running group that’s doing training runs for the marathon as I feel this is important in acquiring a support base to help with mental and physical preparedness.  Now all I need is more hours in the day; if you can help in this regard, please let me know.

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