A Running Wish List

Source: DHGate.com

 Source: DHGate.com

Each new year I find I end up with a host of stuff, some I’ll probably regift, some I’ll put aside for that opportune moment that’ll be a while in coming, and then there are a few I’ll give to those who would put it to better use. Make no mistake, I’m extremely appreciative of my family and friends gestures of love and affection and I love that they want to show it in a tangible way. The truth is I love receiving presents almost as much as I love giving but what I love even more is the thought that went into it. A lot of people say, it’s the thought that counts and indeed it is but I figure one’s thoughts are only as good as how informed they are. To this end, I’ve compiled a short list of things runners would find really useful this season and beyond.

  • Running Shoes – which runner out there doesn’t love a pair of sneakers? We go through them with ridiculous speed. Of course a favorite brand has the promise a sure hit.
  • Compression Gear – we use it for support and, now that it’s cold, the warmth and comfort. Hint, these can also be personalized and comes in different patterns and colors.
  • Fleece Jackets/Pants – Ideal for running in cold temps, these are a runner’s staple and proves you’re thoughtful & knowledgeable on the topic.
  • Socks – runner or not, we love socks. Funny, athletic, colorful, fuzzy, cute and everything in between will fill our heart and Christmas stocking.
  • Watches – we love our Garmin or other similar styled GPS training watches and really don’t take a step out without them.
  • Headphones/ Earbuds – it’s a rave and a serious necessity out there on the roads and trails. It keeps us connected, happy and going. Love for life those “Jaybirds” or similar styled wireless pieces that gives a perfect in-ear fit.
  • Gloves – A key component of successful winter running and/or training is covering up the extremities and gloves created for this purpose keeps our hands and heart warm.
  • Running Pants or Tights – A saturated market does not mean that we can ever have enough tights. Printed patterns, plain, colorful, simple or funky tights are our definite go-to for everything running, exercise, gym and even hanging out. Just make sure they have the breathable element, which is super important to us runners.
  • Caps and Hats – whether for the cold, the sun or glare, or just because… hats make great gifts as it provides protection and comfort and is an all-round pleaser.
  • Wind/Rain Jackets – These add another outer layer which can make a huge difference when there’s wind, rain or sleet out. It’s no surprise that tis’ the season.
  • Books – Avid reader that I am, I’m always game for a good book; when you couple that with one of my favorite things to do then it’s a no brainer. “Born to Run” anyone? Most runners will love a good running read.
  • Earmuffs/Ear Warmers and Headbands – another great stocking stuffer that comes in all shapes and sizes. Aside from the comfort and protection elements, they’re trendy and can be quite the girl thing, though of course there are also guy-friendly.
  • Gift Cards – an easy and convenient way to share your love without the hassle.
  • Medal Racks – We love our medals and love having them on display. Coolest is that they can be personalized to say something inspiring, sweet or sassy.
  • A Subscription to Runner’s World or Running Competitor magazines.
  • Finally, though by no means least, and as I have one that gives me great joy and adds a bit of umph to my workout: a jump rope. On the few days when it is impossible to get out or even just to work up a sweat, you can keep pace while skipping to some tunes. It goes without saying that it can give a good workout.


The above list is not exhaustive and for sure there are a lot more gift ideas such as water bottles, decorative items, key chains, cool printed shirts, sports bras/wear etc. for runners. This is more of a loose guide to things that will get you into our good book – so to speak (wink). In truth, it will endear you to us for your thoughtfulness and care to making our wishes come true.

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