Getting Boston-Ready

Less than six weeks to the Boston Marathon 2016 and I can hardly believe how quickly the time has gone by. Added to that Spring is practically upon us; after all the talk about cold weather, we can finally breathe easier and run a bit harder as there are still a few weeks left to shape up our training. Speaking of breathe, without any fanfare, I’ve finally given in to the condition of Exercise Induced Asthma (EIA), which explains what I assumed was pacing-only problems I had. Quite likely it was a case of denial with all the symptoms staring me down since winter started, but aside from saying that I will do everything I can to see this through my next race, I’ll let it rest for now as I have neither the time nor energy to dwell on what this means for my future in running. My only concession now is to try to keep my runs within marathon goal pace, which is around an 8 min/mile.
Looking ahead to what’s in store specific to shaping up for race day, I have planned:
1. Weekend Long Runs for the next four weeks alternating: 20, half-marathon tune-up, 18, 15/16 miles
2. Medium long runs (12-11-10 miles) at marathon goal pace, while practicing surges on the downhills.
3. Weekly tempo runs/intervals
Alternate weekly hill repeats and tempo runs
4. One tune-up race to replace long run raced at marathon pace and
5. Alternate weekly Sprints (800m)
Two weeks out from race day it’ll be down to taper time but there’s still time, so I’m embracing marathon mode where very little exist outside of preparation for April 18. It’s a bit of a nerve-wrecking time all things considered, but that’s just it, we’re not considering all things just those that are necessary to take us to the finish line at Boylston Street.


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