Running Through the Storm


Supposedly, we are in for a bit of a nor’easter as a storm off the coast of North Carolina is set today to make its way through Virginia, Maryland, Philadelphia and Washington D.C (those states expected to get the worst of it) all the way out to Boston. Landfall is expected later tonight.

Exciting times for New Yorkers, as we head into the weekend and the grocery store, because who knows, we might be stuck inside for all of one day! Some of us are hoping anyway, though not really I think, New Yorkers are the least sedentry of people. We are a up and about lot for the most part and enjoy storms (not devastating ones) and such, which gives us the opportunity to stop for a minute – only from work – gear up and head out, whether to sled, skate, ski (out in the mountains) and, of course, run. The scences are those of reckless abandonment, purposeful fun and carefree gaiety to see the kids, kids-at-heart & dogs even, having a field day in the snow; with us, runners, valiently getting our run on amid the cherry winds and slush. I mean you have to see this – such a New York thing. That is, providing we have a wonderful snow storm, which is totally possible – the adventurer/optimist/rebel in me declares.

2 inches or 6 inches or even 10 ( hardly likely unless you’re way out on the island or upstate) is not enough to keep us down or inside. More than likely, there are those of us with plans ready on how to either get or make the most out of it, and who can blame us, anticipation is sweeter for its uncertainty. Regardless, winter wonderland holds many pockets of joy for its proponents and I for one am just about ready to get on with it already. It’s like I always say, if it has to be this cold, it may as well snow. That way I can be cold with reason ( not saying my reasoning makes much sense but whatever).

I’m not sure even I believe this, but I’m actually looking forward to a snow run! I mean, what the heck right? Gotta tell yah, I’ve come a long way and I’m proudest of me. Who would have thought – just about a year or so ago I would have been like “uggh..brr…” now here I am, ready to run. And I do mean ready – mind, body, spirit and gear all in one accord. LOL.

Life is indeed full of surprises –  and hope and potential and passion and so much good stuff. The secret, I believe, is our ability to let go of our inhibitions and embrace it regardless of how it is presented to us, knowing that we have the power to form it into what we will. So, go on ahead then, enter winter wonderland, enter at your own risk. I promise not to do you much harm only to wring as much fun out of you as I can. You make me feel brave. “Big wink.”

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