Ready, Set, Chica-Go!



The buzz and excitement are high with a bit of nervous energy tossed in for good measure. And why not, we’ve earned the right to this moment right here. Our sweat, sacrifices and sometimes tears have informed our right to be here so make no mistake or apologies for owning what is rightfully yours: runner status and soon-to-be marathoner ( again) which would make me, us – simply put – bad asses.



Chicago, I am told, is a fast and flat course and, God’s willing, we should have great weather. A good opportunity for a lot of good to happen here, which sorta doubles the perks I think, though I’ll try to reign in my enthusiasm given my won’t-dwell-upon ankle issue. Whatever happens, It won’t be a lack of me trying. I’m going out there and give it my best shot. I’ve often touted focusing on the things within one’s control and doing your best with that while leaving the rest, not up to chance, but up to God. That done, there’s nothing left to do but to get this party started. After a final run through of my marathon gear check-list to make sure all the ingredients are in place to make magic happen on Sunday, I’m ready to hit the airport and join the thousands in owing those city streets, even if it’s just for a day. I know the memories will last a lifetime. Yass (new word)! Pardon the expletive, this sh*t is real!

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