Soaking Up the last of these Running Summer Days


September is upon us and Fall is legit in the evidence before us from the slightly turning leaves to the just-turning-chilly evenings, though you would never guess by these extra humid days we’ve been having. One would go so far as to say it’s July all over again; just don’t plan your life around this weather, its uncertainty is just about the only thing you can rely on these days. Weather we really can’t discount it entirely, I have really enjoyed city running this summer. Past experience ensured that I was able to use all avenues available to me to ensure I maxed my running potential, which is not over just yet; still a few days left to appreciate the sun, humidity and running at a dusk that’s not dark.

Seeing we’re into marathon season here in the Big A, runners are greedily sucking up the daylight in parks and any and all outlets available for getting those miles in. And who can blame them, we all know what the end of summer signifies. While so many welcome cooler weather, there are those of us who know only too well what follows and so we unapologetically hold on tight to and draw out all that’s left of these magical summer days.

I , for one, am spending a lot of it training, mostly in the evening times, and as crazy humid as it has been I’m still not surprised by the sheer numbers out there. Everybody’s training for something even if it’s just to feel good about themselves. It makes you, if you’re the average Joe, want to grab a pair of sneakers and have a go at it. And why not? You can only benefit.

Most evenings I’m in Central Park among hundreds of others carving out a little space for myself either on the hills doing speedwork or running the loop to the tune of a tempo or easy run or even a few loops as I make a long run out of it. Some days I go at it alone due to my schedule, and too, sometimes I’m just in that zone, others I meet up with a workout group and we share our pains, joys and dreams on the go; those runs are always twice the fun. Yet still, there are my twice weekly early morning volunteer runs in mid-town, which adds so much meaning to my miles and hopefully do a lot of good. Wherever or whatever I’m running, I’m just glad to be in the moment sweating- more like dripping these days- winded and gasping, living this summer before it’s all gone.

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