Running to the Sights, Sounds and Sunshine of Miami Beach

Running Heaven

Running Heaven



Call me spoiled, high-maintenance, so-not-new-Yorker, whatever, or rather,call me sunshine lover, jet setter (wink), or runner; I’ll respond to it all with varying degrees of enthusiasm. On the other hand, I’m no winter baby and so I’m here in beautiful, sunshiny, glitzy, never-sleep South Beach, Miami soaking up some sunshine for a few days to last me until Spring. Mind you, if I had a mind to escape the cold, I am sadly disappointed. It’s been chilly at best for the last couple days with today being OMG windy. That being said, the sun, emanating from its ultra-blue skies and reflecting off its pearly sand, is warm and offers a welcome cover of warmth, wind not-withstanding.

Indian Creek Road

Since I’ve pined away at home the entire winter, dreaming of running outdoors, it’s an easy guess what I did on this oh-but-for-the-wind-it-would-be-perfect day. Sure enough, I took off for a long and scenic run along the beach, broad walk and streets of Miami Beach, camera in hand and got me some treasure pics and memories that will last for a long time.

It was a day well spent and run-ned (my word) as evidenced by the photos, which by the way, I thoroughly enjoyed taking. After all, it’s all I’ll have left when I return to the Big A and this screaming winter and will have to suffice until Spring.

The famous Palm

The Famous Palm

The Marina

The Marina


The Broad walk

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive

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