For the love of Running


Like it or not the cold season is upon us and many are going to be the days when we will not feel “it,” when the couch and a host of other things will seem more attractive than lacing up those running shoes and hitting the road. Let’s face it, the cold season brings out the human in most of us and running really becomes “second” nature as we become the worst form of cheaters and yes, liars, full of excuses and reasons for ditching, sidelining or just giving up. Goals determined in the Spring and dreams designed in Summer are oftentimes not winter proof and many fall through, no pun intended, lose momentum and may even die. If you’re a new runner it can be even harder to stay on track and true to the decisions you made early on in the year. We need help.

Here are 10 things we can do to keep us motivated and running through the worst of Fall and Winter:

  • Dig into some Running Reading; there are lots of good reads by tried and true runners to keep your interest and inspire your run
  • Movies, Clips and Videos about running or races can sensitize and facilitate positive thoughts and feelings about running
  • Group Running is a sure way to create solidarity and provide support and motivation; you can hook up with a meet up group or join a club
  • Friendships are forged and cemented on cold runs and there’s the added layer of accountability; invite, encourage and share a run with someone
  • Join a gym or YMCA; packed with equipment, classes and various opportunities for running and exercise, there are no lack of things to peek and keep your interest
  • Choose Indoor Running; various arenas like schools, the gym, stadiums and the like host indoor tracks and with the right connections or just plain brass you can get access
  • Use Music to Inspire Your Runs; create a kick-ass song list to keep you company on your runs
  • Run In Company; choose to run in locations where other like-minded runners frequent such as parks and various popular running routes in your area
  • Shopping for Running Gear is always fun for us girls and staying trendy can provide the impetus for stepping out as we’re more likely to want to get a feel for how it fits
  • Sign Up for a Race or Two; this is a sure way to get you training and keep you in a running frame of mind

For sure there are a whole lot more ideas out there, maybe even more fun ones, that’s all well and good we’ll take it any way we can get it, just as long as it keeps us running. Maybe you have some ideas and tips, please share. We, runners love to encourage others and be encouraged ourselves.


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