World Cup-Inspired Running

imageI confess I’m a World Cup junkie.  My background and culture has a lot to do with that. I grew up in the eighties and nineties where football aka soccer was to the rest of the world what the Super Bowl is to the United States.  Never mind that my home country of Trinidad and Tobago only ever qualified for this world class tournament one time in 2006, we were and are avid football fans and players and boast a number of home-grown international players.  I grew up either watching, playing or attending practice sessions, games and/or tournaments.


That being the case, it is neither difficult nor far-fetched for me to attempt to see what impact this has had on my desire and ability to run.  I look at the players on the field in this World Cup and I’m as amazed now as I was all the way back then (some 25 odd years ago) at their sheer physical strength, speed and stamina.  On the off chance that you’re not aware, runners share  these very same characteristics. I compare the dexterity and nimbleness among some of the world’s top players such as Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Italy’s Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez from Uraguay, Yaya Toure from Ivory Coast and Netherland’s Robin Van Persie and I cannot imagine a sport more defined by pace and endurance. It is ninety full-contact minutes of constant movement; defense, attack and counter-attack while running.  Is it any wonder that their physical form is so impeccable; most, if not all, of these players own amazing bodies along with abs to die for. I won’t give all the credit to running of course, even if most of their drills consist of it, as I’m aware that their training includes major gym work to build, strengthen and tone muscles; however, I’m willing to bet that at least 70% of their training involves running. If I ever need running motivation, here it is.

imageI’ve taken my football frenzy to the streets, or better yet, the fields, where I attend soccer practice weekly throughout summer into mid-Fall. I will never be a Ronaldo or Suarez, not even close, and that’s ok because it’s enough to even mirror their moves and form while getting my run on. It is true that this World Cup has seen me up my running game, I am motivated to move, get physical, keep active; to run and race more. These are my Brazil Moments. Can I help that they’re inspired by super-yummy eye candy!

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