Yikes It’s Winter!


Summer bodies are earned in winter!

You take a Caribbean gal accustomed to tropical and warm temperatures and you place her in average 25 degrees Fahrenheit weather and what you get is me, cold and cranky as heck.  These are the days you just wanna curl up..fetal position preferably, with your favorite book and blanket; christmas music playing softly in the background and a steaming cup of hot chocolate peppered with marshmallows and/or Jim Bean.  Yep, winter is just about here with its oh-so-short days and cold and wintry nights.  So how do I beat this – it’s too cold to run – truth be told, there is no easy way.  These are the days we’re gonna have to dig deep down and find the inspiration that has brought us thus far.

That being said, there are some external things that can inspire that move from fetal position to running form.  For nature lovers, like myself, a lot can be said for experiencing the changing seasons first hand; your winter runs are much more quiet, there is less traffic in the parks and on various running routes as others seek warmer alternatives, and who doesn’t enjoy some extra quiet and the chance to run without sidestepping strollers.  Also, sweat becomes a thing of the past; you can actually run without breaking one, well at least not the wet, drenched-looking kind, just remember to drink a lot.  Layered and mittened up, you’re on a determined path to success and nothing beats the feeling of super-accomplishment post running; you’ve braved the cold with determination and tenacity – nothing says you’re a badass quite like that.  And of course you can always rely on the calorie factor to get you out the door.  You want to deserve the extra treats you give yourself and since we know that nothing in life is free, that extra piece of pumpkin pie means extra calories to burn.  Additionally, running in cold weather, causes you to exert more energy and effort and you’re likely to burn more calories on your average run.

Of course, now is a good time to get some cross training in and sign up at a gym so you have some variety to spice up your workouts.  While it isn’t the average Joe that decides to run in winter wonderland, anyone who has a serious desire to stay healthy will see winter as a challenge and either embrace it or look for ways around and through it.

Faith-filled or Foolish

IMG_3583As a runner, you pretty much dread getting hurt but what you dread even more is finding out you can never run again. In 5 & 1/2 days I will face the run of a lifetime.  It’s all that I’ve thought of, breathe, worked at, and been able to see, for at least two years now.  I should be thrilled; jumping and running up and down with glee and in preparation, instead I’m thrilled in a boot and doubting my sanity as I press ahead with plans to run on Sunday.

I’ve had so many of my friends, family and concerned well wishers advising me to put it off – ” there’ll always be another race, it’s ok to miss this one” they say.   I don’t know if it’s ego, tenacity, faith or foolhardiness but there’s something in me that won’t let me give this up.  I just can’t quit! Even with the thought that I could suffer a greater set-back, that I could cause further damage..irreparable damage even, does not give me pause. The more I consider it, the more I am convinced that I’m neither reckless nor crazy; what I am is a runner who knows my body and my limitations.  I also know the hard work I have put in to arrive here and I trust the God who has made it possible.  The latter reason being the one above all else that has me convinced I am going to do this, that if God has brought me to this point, He is totally able to take me through and beyond; too, I’m by no means pursuing this in a haphazard manner, I am diligently utilizing all avenues to ensure I am fit and ready to race; yet I cannot say what will happen on race day.  I pray that I will have an amazing race here in the most awesome city in the world! Now to turn these nagging little voices into encouragement & optimism, because all I can afford right now is positive energy.

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