Pamper those Running Feet

imageYou can generally tell when something is important and valuable to someone – they take good care of it right? I know how I feel about my shoes. I confess I’m a bit of a shoe lover, so I sort of treasure my select and beautiful pairs. I also value my books, iPad and a few other choice things; I take good care of them and treat them as my most valued possessions. So too I believe it should be with our feet. For runners, there exists nothing that is more valuable, well except that of our health, than those of our feet. They are the means by which we achieve our goals and dreams; all our hopes and ambitions are pinned on those two invaluable extensions of ourselves. However, they are also the most abused, as they take constant pounding day after day and oftentimes without complaint. Tired, overworked and often overlooked, it is only fair and right that we indulge them and treat them as special as they are.

Here are some ways to show them some TLC:

  • Choose your Shoes Carefully. Because a lot of us spend a lot of time on our feet – running, walking and so on., it is important to wear the correct shoes; those that provide comfort and protect our feet from calluses and blisters and the like. Nothing holds a torch to a great pair of shoes that fit and feel great in your feet, whether they’re heels for us women or loafers for the guys or just regular sneakers. You want to be sure to choose those that love your feet and that your feet loves.
  • Foot Massages are so not Overrated. Aside from the therapeutic benefits which include reduction in stress, pain and muscle tension, massages provide a sense of well-being, care and empowerment, stimulate the nerves in your feet and improve good blood circulation.
  • Foot Spa Soaks and Salt Soak for Blisters.  A nice soak after a long day on your feet or after an intense workout can work wonders to help restore your feet and put you in the right frame of mind. If you have calluses or blisters, you can include some Epsom salts or bath salts in your foot bath to dry out blisters and toughen up feet. Be sure to rinse off and moisturize well after to prevent dryness.
  • Foot Scrubs and Foot Creams. Foot Scrubs are great for removing dead skin, sweat and dirt. They also treat calluses which you might want to go easy on if you have a big race coming up – you might need some of those calluses for protection from blisters. There’s a wide variety to choose from and depends on your taste or fragrance. Moisturizing after your soak is a big deal and highly recommended at night;  it will help to keep calluses soft and prevent cracks. Again, it’s about preference and feel as it pertains to type but it’s sure to give you those soft and smooth feet you covet.
  • Putting your feet up. Resting after a long day with your feet elevated helps to reduce swelling and tension and gives an overall sense of relaxation to your tired feet. Pillows work fine but there are leg loungers built especially for that. Nothing is too much when it comes to our feet right?
  • Pedicures are cliché but so good and who doesn’t like pretty. At least once a month, or more regularly if you do it at home; taking the time to actually go to the salon, choosing your favorite nail polish, getting pretty toenails with someone caring for your feet while you just relax, sounds pretty special and pampering to me.

We really shouldn’t need a reason to pamper ourselves but the above gives us a valid excuse if we ever need one. So how about a promise to love your feet, you do not want to ever know where you would be without them. Plus, it’s such a fun, pretty, girly thing for us us girls to do. For the guys, it’s totally cool to have that whole metrosexual thing going on, we girls dig it.

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