Keeping Fit and Running Through the Holidays


Everyone knows that keeping up with fitness plans is not the easiest thing during the holidays. In fact, it’s a lot easier keeping up with the Kardashians. LOL. Seriously though, amidst your holiday fare sits a ton of calories and enough unhealthy choices to provide ample opportunity for packing on many unwanted pounds and lasting self recriminations. Thank goodness we are not beholden to what is popular but consciously choose the healthier alternative – for the most part anyway. For at the end of the day we recognize our human frailties, runner or not, and can even benefit from the not-too-often splurge.

The secret to staying on a healthy track is really no secret at all but just plain ‘ole common sense. It starts with choosing to surround yourself with healthy choices by buying food and snacks that support your philosophy and/ or goals. Obviously, you won’t always have the option of eating what you choose with this being the season of family and friends visits.’ However, in these instances it is up to the person to choose the healthiest among the alternative. Another option is to walk with your preference when visiting family and friends. They are sure to understand as healthy eating has become more and more popular in recent times with a variety of options available. Just be careful to be kind and respectful of others and their choices.

Another step we can take to make sure we’re on top of things and not letting it all go to hell – so to speak – is to keep up with our runs. Running is not relegated to good weather or when it’s convenient. It’s something we pursue regardless of what else is going on in or around us – save death or severe illness of course – because it supports who we are and puts us in a better place to be able to deal with whatever challenges life throws our way. We can all agree that there are plenty of that these days. Therefore, having a pair of running shoes handy is not only a good thing but arguably even necessary. It’s also easy to do as we move around for the holidays and takes little time or effort to prepare for. We can tailor our runs to fit our schedules and circumstances, choosing to do shorter or longer runs of high or low intensity whether at mid mornings, now as it’s cooler, or when it suits us. All we need are some extra layers, sneakers, our Gamin, and a bit of extra packing space for those of us traveling. In addition, there’s always the gym for those of us who are hesitant to brave the cold weather.

The biggest challenge we face is not necessarily from outside, that is from others or circumstances external to us, but rather from within. It is our own perceived limits and self-imposed restrictions that could threaten our ability to follow through on our goals. As such, this season offers not impediments to our health and fitness goals but the opportunity to tap into our passion and determination to make things happen for ourselves – weather, dietary accommodations, and/ or family and friends distractions be dammed.

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